Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
Rediscovering a Pain-Free Life!
Suffering with chronic back pain… maybe we can help!  Since 2008, we have helped many patients suffering with back pain caused by herniated or degenerative discs, live pain-free lives! Watch our short video to learn if our innovative approach might be right for you!
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About Dr. Rallis
A licensed doctor of both chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, Dr. Rallis is one of only a handful of dual licensed medical providers in Canada.

In private practice since 1999, Dr. Rallis has helped thousands of Ontarians live their best life! Dr. Rallis practices full primary care and is considered one of Canada’s leading Wellness Doctors!
Direct Billing 
All therapies are eligible for insurance reimbursement through your extended health benefits.  What’s more is that for most, we’ll be able to directly bill your insurance company, reducing out of pocket expenses! Simply bring in a copy of your extended health benefits to your first visit and a member of our incredible team will be happy to guide you through the process!

Our Clinic
Conveniently located at the corner of Yonge St. and Big Bay Point Rd, in beautiful Barrie, Ontario, our state of the art facility is surpassed only by the amazing members of our team. 

Contact information
Clinic Address: 470 Big Bay Point Rd.
Phone number: (705) 733.3484
"Good doctors treat patients, not diseases..."
~ Dr. Steve Rallis~
Our innovative process
1. Care starts here...
Effective care starts with the right diagnosis.  But it's hard to get to the right diagnosis without first understanding the patient.  Our consultation is the first step in an effective care plan.  Can we help?  Is your case a good fit?  Are you comfortable in our office and with our procedures? 
These are all important questions, when deciding on a course of care.
2. Comprehensive Examination
Pinched nerves, compressed or bulging discs, deteriorating joints can all cause back pain  
Our examination is tailored to help isolate and most efficiently address these root causes. 
What's more is that our integrative training allows us to further isolate any complicating factors.
   If we need to take an X-ray -we'll do that!  If we need to order lab work -we'll do that too!  No stone will be left unturned. 
3. Spinal Decompression Plus...
The healing begins with the decompression treatment -but it needs to be supported!  If a nerve is affected, we will often use laser, B12 injections and acupuncture to help the nerve heal!  If lower back muscles are spasming, herbal muscle relaxants, magnesium infusions with IFC therapy, may often be used.  
4. Healing from A to Z!
Maximizing your body's healing potential is critical to overcoming lower back pain.  Our 360 degree care plans ensure that your physiology is equipped to maximize the benefits of care.  Fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, anti-inflammatories, IV infusions are just some of the adjuncts we'll use to tailor your healing process! 
We'd love to help -you!
Pretty simple, right?  Find the root cause of the pain -then treat it directly and efficiently with our state-of-the-art process!
We've been doing this for a long time...we know what we're doing!  We believe, we can help get you better -faster!
No long prepaid treatment plans, no sales push, no ridiculous promises.  What we can can guarantee is a professional approach, a supportive and amazing health care team, an unparalleled level of expertise and the highest standard of care.  
So, let us help you put your mind at ease.  
Click on the button below and set up a consult.  During this visit, we’ll answer any question you have regarding the care offered at our office. What’s more, if we feel that your case is not the right fit, we’ll be happy to refer you to a different clinic or provider.
Are you ready to finally address the cause of your lower back pain?
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